Naming the Kiln

Why Ocean Ridge Kiln? The name chosen for the kiln is actually it’s original name given by the creator of the kiln but with an English twist. Yasui-san built the kiln in 1995 and called it sea god, mountain god kiln (海彦 山彦窯). Yasui-san has an artist name Kai 海 Yasui 安井 which also means sea. Coincidentally this is the same name and kanji we gave to our youngest son. Our oldest son we named Rei 嶺 meaning ridge. As our children are by chance named essentially the original name of the kiln it didn’t feel right to change it. As I myself am British I felt as though I should represent that by naming the kiln in English.

 The artwork for the kiln was inspired by a stained glass window designed and made by Kai Yasui which is placed at the entrance of the kiln house.

So Ocean Ridge Kiln it is, in a land filled with many kilns I hope to stand out and offer something new and interesting.