New Adventures

Hi everyone, my name is Laura Pearson, Scottish potter in Japan. After recently getting into pottery and being inspired by the rich history of ceramics in Japan I came across an amazing opportunity to buy a piece of land in beautiful and warm Izu Japan with a wood fired kiln. The land is forested, hilly and close to the sea. A perfect blend of nature but not too far from local amenities. This was once the dream space for a potter called Kai Yasui who built himself his own kiln, tiny house and workshop. He worked here and created unique wood fired and raku ceramics for over 20 years but has now retired from the profession. I am humbled to be able to embark on this once in a lifetime opportunity to take over the property and continue the dream. Currently I am filled with excitement to practice my ceramic art and woodfiring skills but also to maximize the use of the space itself. I see endless possibilities, lots of hard and wonderful life experiences ahead.

My dreams for the space include but are not limited to: an exploration in sustainable living, renovation of the tiny house for the use of others interested in a pottery or sustainable experience, gardening and growing food, cooking outdoors and building a pizza kiln, practicing construction skills on a treehouse/bushouse project. 

Most importantly its a space for our family with two young boys to explore nature and learn new life skills. Lets see what me and my family get around to doing. What would you do here?